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I need to say this, I cannot really control my self from the excitement and happiness all together. Within 24 hours I not only hit the 100 Followers on my Blog but today I have seen 1000 Followers on my Instagram.

I am so happy and I cannot really express how much joy I have for this.

If you have not yet done so don’t forget to follow my Instagram account since my latest inventions on nutrition, news and good vibes are all there first.


100 Followers & Blog Party!

Today, I am here to celebrate my 100 Followers and to say THANKS to each and every one of you. You probably don’t know yet, but you guys are the reason why I keep writing and the motivation for me to do better.giphy3

When I started this blog in April 2017, I didn’t really know what I was doing and the start of 2018 saw me having barely 13 followers. I remember I also wrote a post back in the days where my motivation to write was low because I felt that no one was appreciating what I was doing and I was feeling alone in this journey.

Luckily all of this didn’t discourage me. Instead, it was a motivation to change and try to do better.

I guess that I am going somewhere, I guess that I am doing better and that you guys are finding something in what I write and share.

To celebrate this milestone, I have decided to host a Blog Party; every one is invited no matter when you read this post. For those of you that don’t know what a Blog Party is, a Blog Party is where in the comments you present yourself, what you blog about and leave your blog URL, in this way you will discover new blogs and friends.


Here just few rules:

  • Leave a comment in the comments section below, with a brief description and a link to your blog.
  • Follow my blog, let’s be friends!
  • Comment or follow at least 2 or 3 other blogs, after you leave a comment.





One Of My Favorite Snack

Fitness life can be tough at times, sure there are so many healthy choices out there but then we have to watch the macros and let it fit all together for the end of the day.

I enjoy eating and not because I am in my Fitness Journey I am always willing to give up to a great taste, for me all my meals have to be delightful but to achieve that you also need to cook, prepare and taste a different kind of combinations until when you find one that you can write down in your book and keep for life.

Today I want to share with you guys how I prepare one of my afternoon snack that for sure will be part of my book and that lately is my favorite and is worth the try.

You will need:

  • 150g of Fat-Free Greek Yogurt
  • 70g of Blueberries
  • 10g Honey 🍯

What I like to use in this recipe are the frozen blueberries which added to the Yogurt and the Honey will give a kind of ice cream consistency to the entire plate.

All of that may be sound not that exciting but give it a try and let me know how you have found it in the comment. What is your favorite snack worth to try? 


It’s GRIT Time

Finally, February is here and my gym officially has open the dance to the Les Mills GRIT, if you don’t know what it is then feel free to head to my previous post.

I am really exited for this start and I am looking forward to my first class during the weekend… I will keep you all posted on how it went but I am expecting to be without energy in the end of that day 😉 .


This week has been pretty busy but I am not complaining since I have made a lot of changes all around and tried new things, when I will get all fixed I will show you all, but just to give a heads up I have purchased a new laptop after 10 years of survival of my previous one and a new desk to give some light in my house.


I felt I wanted a new start, something fresh in my life and to start this February positively!

Have you made any change for February? What is your plan? Please let me know in the comment


Another Goal Achieved

After my last night shift today and before a new block shift starting on Monday, I was feeling really drained. The day before couldn’t sleep much and change the body clock in such fast way doesn’t really help with the mood and motivation. I try to don’t sleep much either after the last night shift otherwise during the night I will stay awake and instead I want to get my body clock adjusted as much fast as possible to the normal daily life.

I was feeling so lazy in the afternoon when I woke up, just the idea to stand up and go to prepare a coffee was hard, but after texting back and forward with my wife, I decided to get up and actually went for a quick run.

Just right before the end of my running session, my Apple Watch said “Goal Achieved ” I really enjoy my Apple Watch it is another piece of motivation for me and helps to keep track of my activity, closing the rings is a sign of another day of small progress toward my final goal.

Do you have any fitness tracker that you use? Which one you have and what you love about it? Let me know in the comment.


Ready For The Next Move

I am almost there, ready for a new and fresh start. I got all my new macros calculated for the best results possible for the next 4 weeks and all my workout plan for the weeks ready to go.


I feel good and pumped, full of energy and ready for this new adventure. I am a bit late on this start, but there is a reason behind this, I was reading the other day in some post that January is a “No Buy January” which means you should eat whatever is in the freezer more explained in the post from Koolaidmoms, go to visit her blog for more.

Well, I didn’t know this, but I guess my fridge knew and so decided to stop working. You can imagine the catastrophe; the freezer was full with a lot of leftover from the festivities, and I had to cook and consume all, although I felt frustrated about this I have to say that in a way I am happy that this happened and I am ready for a new fresh start.

Friday will be my grocery shopping day and the weekend will see me preparing and cooking the meals for the week ahead. I am so excited about this I have few new ideas in the kitchen to experiment and take my meal prep to the next level. The weekend will see me also working out these days when I am at work on a shift of 12 hours is hard to include also the workout routine, so I prefer to wait for my days off.

I hope you guys had a wonderful start of the week with new plans, goal, and ideas.

My Summer Body Is In Progress and yours?