My Maritime Life Story

Many of you have asked where I been lately or perhaps not!

I have never really wrote about my life before, you all know that my name is Silverio and that I am in my fitness journey but who am I?

Like everyone else in the world, there is a part in the life where you have to choose which school you have to frequent and that will open the door to the job world. In that time I pick the Nautical School, and after 5 years I took my diploma aspiring long-term captain.

I join my first vessel in November 2001 that was the MSC Rhapsody and since than I been away from family and friend for most part of the year (8/9 months sometimes even more) for only return home for a short time to get the training and certification required to advance in carrer.

MSC Rhapsody

I have been with MSC Cruises for a long time and for a great 7 years of my life and before starting a new chapter with another Cruise company (Princess Cruises), in 2008 I also got my Master Certificate, was going to be just a matter of time to become a ship’s Captain.

My Last Contract – Mooring Station Aft

I have been on board many vessels, just to nominate a few, Grand Princess – Star Princess – Caribbean Princess – Sea Princess and the sister ship Sun Princess – Diamond Princess and many more, been sailing around the world and gained knowledge along the way. Life on board is not what everyone is already thinking but perhaps I will leave this in another post if anyone is interested to hear.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to move to another country (USA – Seattle) and start a new life with a job on land. This was like a dream came true and me and my wife decided to take this step and be always together.

Although I work on land I still have the Master certification and the last few weeks due to a slow Italian bureaucracy which could not make in time some change established from the IMO (International Maritime Organization) I had to retake an exam which I already took on 2008 and prove once again to have the right knowledge to by a Master.

So, if you been asking where I been and what I been up to, well now you know. I been in the most and long stressful weeks of my life to once again take a certificate that was already mine.