Ready For The Next Move

I am almost there, ready for a new and fresh start. I got all my new macros calculated for the best results possible for the next 4 weeks and all my workout plan for the weeks ready to go.


I feel good and pumped, full of energy and ready for this new adventure. I am a bit late on this start, but there is a reason behind this, I was reading the other day in some post that January is a “No Buy January” which means you should eat whatever is in the freezer more explained in the post from Koolaidmoms, go to visit her blog for more.

Well, I didn’t know this, but I guess my fridge knew and so decided to stop working. You can imagine the catastrophe; the freezer was full with a lot of leftover from the festivities, and I had to cook and consume all, although I felt frustrated about this I have to say that in a way I am happy that this happened and I am ready for a new fresh start.

Friday will be my grocery shopping day and the weekend will see me preparing and cooking the meals for the week ahead. I am so excited about this I have few new ideas in the kitchen to experiment and take my meal prep to the next level. The weekend will see me also working out these days when I am at work on a shift of 12 hours is hard to include also the workout routine, so I prefer to wait for my days off.

I hope you guys had a wonderful start of the week with new plans, goal, and ideas.

My Summer Body Is In Progress and yours?



Full Day of Eating on Cutting Diet.

I have been talking about nutrition and clean eating for a long time now, but I have never shown my day what looks like.

There are so many combinations to make in the kitchen, creativity is all you need. By now and if you have read my about me page, you know that I am Italian and I always loved my Mediterranean food and always had creativity in the kitchen.

Breakfast time is here, Wow, Incredible! Since teenager age I remember that the breakfast was not for me, every single person I was meeting was telling how much important was the breakfast, but me I was rejecting. In my family, the breakfast was not an essential meal my mum and dad the only thing they were having was their expresso, how I would have ever learned to have a proper start of the day? Now, I wish the breakfast would never end. This is how my day starts!

  • Coffee
  • 2 Slices Whole Wheat Bread
  • Lean Ground Beef and Sweet Pepper


After breakfast and during my off days at work I will wait one hour or so and head to the gym, the workout with the cardio takes approximately 2 hours and before I reach back home is lunch time. So this is my today’s Lunch!

  • Broccoli
  • Shrimps
  • Avocado

Of course, I like to make my food a little tastier so, I have used a tsp of Extra Vergine Olive Oil, Parsley, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Paprika.


The afternoon begins and I always feel like I have to much to do but never enough time. However, when the time arrives I am always ready for my snack.

  • Fat-Free Greek Yogurt & Blueberries


That’s the time when depending on what you like to eat and planning to do for the dinner usually all the preparation starts. Last night, for instance, I was looking to have some Salmon and here we go to dinner time.

  • Salmon
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Brussel Sprouts

And of course Extra Vergine Olive Oil, Parsley, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Paprika.


Before bedtime, my last meal of the day is a Protein Shake, nothing enthusiastic here but I really love SYNTHA-6 EDGE, Chocolate Milkshake Flavor.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. What is the meal you liked the most? What is the picture you liked more? I look forward to seeing all your comment and likes and I promise I will do more posts like this and also get better on the pictures.


MealPrep – Thought and Options

I know it’s not easy to follow a meal plan consistently. In everyday life, we all have many things to do and day after day less time we can spend in the kitchen. What suffers more in our eating habit is our body.

If you have noticed, I have said that is not easy, but never mention is not possible. All you need to do is a bit of planning and have your meal ready for the next days. How many days would you ask? This is all and completely up to your choice but personally I don’t like to go more than 4 days in a row, however, I know also people that they MealPrep for the entire week and leave between 4 to 3 days in the fridge when the rest of the meals goes in the freezer to come out the night before they are needed. And what happens if I ran out of my meals and hadn’t the time to MealPrep the day before? On here comes out the planning as well, be always ready with a plan B, for instance, I always have a bag of Brussels Sprouts or Broccoli stored in the freezer ready in the microwave after 6 minutes and Canadian Bacon in the fridge as one option. Another option would be a protein bar, today I tried the Syntha-6 Protein Crisp Salted Toffee Pretzel Flavor, and I was impressed.

Honestly is funny how all the whole post really started, I just finish to eat that protein bar and I thought why not going to share how tasty it was with my followers? 😁

Do you guys MealPrep? For how many days? What is your plan b? I would love to hear about you all in the comment.





Cut or Bulk, My Next Move

During the last few weeks, I have been thinking about what to do next. I have been on a cutting diet since May 2017, lost 17 kilos but have still more fat to lose. December was disappointing, I had flu a couple of times, week after the other and although I  followed my meal plan, I couldn’t exercise the way I should and I wanted.


I tend always to remain positive and look more ahead, searching during my reflections more the positive why rather than the negative ones, sometimes more than I should :-). The festivity break didn’t help neither, so I decide to surf the moment and take a break, Yeah, Ok, I had my cardio in Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and even on the New Year day but really was nothing compare the myriad of food and alcohol consumed during this days.


2018 is finally here, I am back on track with my cutting diet and workout plan but what is my next move? In two weeks I will commence my Clean Bulk program, my first and ever bulk, I know now what you are thinking “But Silverio, you have bulked for your entire life how can you say your first Bulk?” Beleive me this one is going to be a totally different one, there will be no junk food and the goal is to increase lean muscle and try to keep the fat increase to a minimum and reset my methabolism, in the end try to get my Body Fat Percentage (BFP) keep reducing.

Girl practicing yoga in the New Year 2018.

I will assess my progress after 4 weeks then decide if move back on the cutting side or keep going for another 4 weeks. I will keep you guys posted!

What you guys think of this game plan? Would you have a different thought or suggestion? Let me know in the comment!

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My Inner Drive

It’s two days that I am out from my night shift, but I still cannot have a proper sleep, I hope to regain soon.

This morning I force my self to wake up at 08 am although I had slept since 5 am and outside was raining. I enjoy the sound of rain on my window; it gives you that calm and relaxes sensation that I would have loved to embrace and remain in my bed for the entire morning. I guess you know what I am talking about.


Here comes the MOTIVATION, the fear to lose another workout, the horror to set your gain back, the ones that you have achieved so hard in this last months and you don’t want give up, well, if you been wondering, this is for me MOTIVATION the thinking behind NO PAIN NO GAIN, the words REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED!

why u started

And you!

Have you started your journey? What motivates you?

Leave me a comment!


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Getting Back on Track after the Holidays

I never thought I would say this but I am really so glad that these holidays are over and family has finally left. Today, I had my real first day of my life back to the normality.

In this past two weeks I couldn’t exercise the way I usually did and I wanted, although I enjoyed the family visit and have spent time with them visiting places I never did before, my plans where to exercise every day or at least 4 to 5 times a week and get the most use of the surplus nutrition that was inevitable during the Christmas and New Year period for muscle gain instead.

Likely I never give up on my cardio routine, this helped to prevent the fat gain and today I am counting only 2 kilos of gain. I am sure the most of this is water retention so I guess that I will be totally back on track in a week or 10 days.

How you have overcome this holiday season? Have you been able to don’t gain weight and remain on track? How much have you gained in weight?

Let me know in the comment.     

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