Trust The Process

In this last couple of days, I have been looking back to analyze what I have done and the gains I have made.

My current weight is 72.3 Kg with an estimated Body Fat% of 23.5% overall I am pleased with this results, also because I haven’t really eaten clean and I have not restricted myself as much.

The reason behind my happiness is that I have definitely packed some lean muscle mass on my body and this is really where you need to trust the process and to not lose the faith, I really need to keep going,  everything in the end will pay off, I know.

Looking back at some pictures in April and looking at the data at that time my Body Fat% was 22%, if I look the scale seems much less than that.

Next month will be a challenge, I will fly home for 3 weeks and as much as I want to keep watching my Macros I already know will not be perfect … It is one year and a half that I don’t visit home, and I am sure my mom is ready to cook all the delicious food that only a mom can do.

The other day I recalculate my Macros, and I have lowered my daily intake of 100 calories this will brig my daily calories at 1712 KCal, I have increased my Carb intake and decreased my Fat while maintaining the Protein intake at the same level I really want to see how my body will respond on this change, only trying and failing will lead you to success.

If you don’t know how to calculate your Macros I wrote a post in the past – Link is Here

That’s all I have to say in today post, as usual I am open to a discussion in a comment box below if you feel like.

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Full Day of Eating on Cutting Diet.

I have been talking about nutrition and clean eating for a long time now, but I have never shown my day what looks like.

There are so many combinations to make in the kitchen, creativity is all you need. By now and if you have read my about me page, you know that I am Italian and I always loved my Mediterranean food and always had creativity in the kitchen.

Breakfast time is here, Wow, Incredible! Since teenager age I remember that the breakfast was not for me, every single person I was meeting was telling how much important was the breakfast, but me I was rejecting. In my family, the breakfast was not an essential meal my mum and dad the only thing they were having was their expresso, how I would have ever learned to have a proper start of the day? Now, I wish the breakfast would never end. This is how my day starts!

  • Coffee
  • 2 Slices Whole Wheat Bread
  • Lean Ground Beef and Sweet Pepper


After breakfast and during my off days at work I will wait one hour or so and head to the gym, the workout with the cardio takes approximately 2 hours and before I reach back home is lunch time. So this is my today’s Lunch!

  • Broccoli
  • Shrimps
  • Avocado

Of course, I like to make my food a little tastier so, I have used a tsp of Extra Vergine Olive Oil, Parsley, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Paprika.


The afternoon begins and I always feel like I have to much to do but never enough time. However, when the time arrives I am always ready for my snack.

  • Fat-Free Greek Yogurt & Blueberries


That’s the time when depending on what you like to eat and planning to do for the dinner usually all the preparation starts. Last night, for instance, I was looking to have some Salmon and here we go to dinner time.

  • Salmon
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Brussel Sprouts

And of course Extra Vergine Olive Oil, Parsley, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper and Paprika.


Before bedtime, my last meal of the day is a Protein Shake, nothing enthusiastic here but I really love SYNTHA-6 EDGE, Chocolate Milkshake Flavor.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. What is the meal you liked the most? What is the picture you liked more? I look forward to seeing all your comment and likes and I promise I will do more posts like this and also get better on the pictures.


Delicious Chicken Breast

Hey, guys here I am again with another recipe.

Losing fat and be fit requires discipline and eat clean every single day no wonder why the majority of fitness guru and bodybuilder they have as the main source of protein intake the chicken.

There are really many ways to cook but it is also very simple to screw things up and get your clean meat messed up with high fat sauce or seasoning.

In the last months or so I have tried to prepare my chicken in many different ways and not always was an excellent meal. It is so challenging to get the chicken breast juicy, isn’t it?

Well then here I am in a very simple way preparing the most healthy, clean and juicy chicken breast of my life in a way that I never thought until today and that was also incredibly tasty.


  • 1 Chicken Breast
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Garlic and Onion Powder


  1. Clean the Chicken Breast of skin or fat around.
  2. Boil for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Use favorite herbs to improve the flavor 
  4. Serve and Enjoy

Chicken Breast Boiled.jpg


Let me know what you think and how you prepare your chicken breast I like to experiment new recipes all the time.

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12 Week Challenge Program

Today is the day, a new beginning and a new challenge. I have decided to join a 12 Week Challenge Program so I will become closer and closer to my goal, to my wish, to that perfection that is in my mind and that I have looked for so long.
Through meal plan, meal prep and workout I will see how this will go.

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Two months after and 10kg less!

The last two months have been very challenging but you know what? today is a celebration day.

You probably are wondering what is the event to celebrate … the scale just told me that I have loose 10kg or 22Lb whatever you prefer.

How I feel? … excited, happy and much more, meal after meal with only one goal.

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Baked Swordfish Steaks – Lemon and Herbs

We all know this, tasty recipes for your proper nutrition are not always behind the corner and in the kitchen, you need to use imagination if you really want to succeed.

Today I want to present to you all my latest kitchen experiment and not only was it delicious but just took 25 minutes to be ready.


  • 2 swordfish steaks
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon Extravergine Olive Oil
  • 1 minced garlic
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1/2 cup minced fresh Parsley & Rosemary 


  1. Preheat oven to 365°F in the mean time place the Swordfish in a baking dish like in the picture and combine 1/2 teaspoon salt – 1 teaspoon Extravergine Olive Oil – 1 minced garlic – 1 Lemon Juice – 1/2 cup minced fresh Parsley & Rosemary and spoon over the fish. (Let the Swordfish marinate for 10 minutes turning one side to another after 5 minutes) 
  2. Bake, uncovered, 15-20 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork, basting occasionally.
  3. Serve and Enjoy


Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie

Hi guys and girls,

I am back with a fabulous and great smoothie recipe to get your day started.

Ingredients are:

  • 1 cup of milk (choose what you prefer)
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1 banana
  • 14 frozen Strawberried
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract (optional)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon of white sugar


In a blender, combine all the ingredients. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve.

Enjoy your Super Breakfast!

Metabolic Cooking – Quick & Easy Fat Burning Recipes

Cooking when trying to burn fat and lose weight can be very tricky. But today I got great news for you all. I want to share with you this recipes book that I have been using lately.

The Metabolic Cooking is essentially a nutritional guide and recipe book that is designed specifically to boost your body’s metabolism and consequently burn fat.

You get over 250 nutritious and delicious recipes as well as nutritional guidelines, shopping lists and all you could possibly need to hit the ground at a run. In other words, it is a recipe book that will simply make your life easier instead of complicating it.

Schermata 2017-06-22 alle 6.06.46 PM.png

Author Background

Schermata 2017-06-22 alle 6.11.52 PM.pngKarine Losier, co-author of the metabolic diet recipes goes by the nickname of “Lean Kitchen Queen”. With a background in culinary arts, she likes to challenge the common perceptions about culinary techniques and give her food a healthier twist, without sacrificing taste or appeal.

Her Master’s degree in the field of psychology makes her intimately aware of the psychological challenges with which every one of us struggles when it comes to body image, health, habits, and motivation.schermata-2017-06-22-alle-6-44-36-pm.png

Losier’s partner, in life and business, is Chef Dave Ruel, also known as “The Muscle Cook”. The combined talents of these two have created a great plan for eating that doesn’t mean you will have to eat bland foods while dieting.


Metabolic Cooking Review – How it Works

To explain in straightforward terms, the word metabolism refers to your body’s use of energy. A person with low metabolism doesn’t burn those calories quickly, which means the energy gets stored up for later use, in the form of fat cells.

A person with high metabolism does burn those calories, preventing them from being converted to fat, and even dipping into the energy reserves already stored in the pre-existing fat cells.

Some types of foods will actually prompt your body to store fat rather than use up the available energy, while other foods will prompt your body to charge up the burners and use that stored energy.

The bottom line is this: The Metabolic Cooking recipes will help you to avoid those foods that would add to your fat, increase the foods that help you burn fat, and keep your body’s burners turned to “high!”.

Schermata 2017-06-22 alle 6.35.42 PM.png

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Metabolic Cooking Review – Pros and Con:

Pros of Metabolic Cooking Cookbook:

  • Nutritional information. Each recipe comes with the number of calories, the grams of protein and carbs, and the important nutritional information you need to know. For those like me that are trying to stay strict with our calorie intake, these books are supremely helpful.
  • Super simple instructions. All of the instructions are easy to follow.
  • Easy to use ingredients. Some of the recipes call for ingredients that you may not have handy, but most of them can be purchased at local supermarkets. You may need to shop at a few specialty stores to find everything, but it’s worth it to put out these delicious recipes.
  • The sixty days full refund guarantee is a pretty good indication metabolic-guarantee.gifthat Losier and Ruel are confident you will be satisfied with their recipes. You can try it risk-free for sixty days with a money-back guarantee!

Cons of the Metabolic Cooking Cookbook:

  • Lack of final pictures. Most recipes contain final pictures of the food being cooked with the recipes but few recipes do not have the final picture. So you will be left wondering about how some of the recipes will look like.
  • No primary ebook. When you get started with the Metabolic Cooking program, there’s nothing to help you navigate the books. There’s no primary ebook to help you understand how to read the books, but it just jumps right into the recipes.

Conclusion …..

I highly recommend the Metabolic Cooking Recipes for your kitchen if you want to get leaner, do it faster, and have your healthy food taste BETTER than ever. If your idea of healthy eating is eating the same old bland and boring food, this cookbook will definitely change the way you think about eating healthy. Metabolic Cooking has everything that you need for an effective and successful diet plan. I am sure there are other cookbooks out there but Metabolic Cooking is useful and affordable.

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Banana Berry Smoothie

Hi guys and girls,

today I will introduce an excellent fruity drink on a hot day!

Ingredients are:

1 banana, frozen and chunked

1 cup frozen raspberries


3/4 cup orange juice


1/4 cup vanilla yogurt


In a blender, combine banana, raspberries, orange juice and yogurt. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve.







Oatmeal – for a great day start

Many foods fall in and out of favor as health trends come and go. Not oatmeal. I do have oatmeal each day for breakfast.

Great oatmeal starts with plain rolled oats, or steel-cut oats, cooked in a little water or milk, and topped with wholesome ingredients. It’s a feel-good start to the day, and if you make it a habit, it can do your health some favors.


Eating oats is linked to an average 7% drop in LDL cholesterol, research shows.

Your bowl of oatmeal gets even tastier when you top it with spices. Try cinnamon, ginger, or pumpkin pie spice.

Spoon in some frozen berries, and the warmth of the oatmeal will defrost them for you. Or try applesauce or dried fruit.

You can add milk (dairy, almond, soy, or whatever else you like), too.

Nutrition Fact Oatmeal

The Challenge has commenced

Hey guys,

the challenge has commenced. It is a week now already, I have started my workout, thrown all the junk food, prepared my supplements and started with my clean eat routine.

I will keep you posted on my progress, I am also opening a YouTube Channel where I will post my recipe, talk with you all and interact, would love to receive feedback and comments.

All of this for me is becoming part of my journey for my healthy life. Why you don’t join me as well, be together will be more simple.

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