Back To The Origin

In the last three weeks my fitness goal have taken a step back. I have been visiting my family in Italy and my mum decided to became a chef for this period!

I must say that she accomplished the task very well, she also almost prepared all the traditional food for every season and that was good too, is always good to go back to the origin.

I don’t regret the food I been eating during this time, I loved the time I spent with them and I don’t even regret the few pounds I have gained during this weeks even because I know I will take not long to come back to my previous weight and perhaps this time off from dieting will help the overall process too.

Three weeks have passed by, I am happy to come back to my routine, to my wife and my hobbies but there is that sad part to leave my parents behind. I really should set objectives, perhaps come to visit them at least once every year but sometimes life, project and set goals take priory and is not always possible, will see how this goes!

I have many things in my mind, many project I would like to accomplish and much more, sometimes I realize that for all I want to do I will need a day of 72 hours and not 24 so I need to reflect and think well before taking any decision.

For now I will enjoy the last few days and talk to you all soon!

My Maritime Life Story

Many of you have asked where I been lately or perhaps not!

I have never really wrote about my life before, you all know that my name is Silverio and that I am in my fitness journey but who am I?

Like everyone else in the world, there is a part in the life where you have to choose which school you have to frequent and that will open the door to the job world. In that time I pick the Nautical School, and after 5 years I took my diploma aspiring long-term captain.

I join my first vessel in November 2001 that was the MSC Rhapsody and since than I been away from family and friend for most part of the year (8/9 months sometimes even more) for only return home for a short time to get the training and certification required to advance in carrer.

MSC Rhapsody

I have been with MSC Cruises for a long time and for a great 7 years of my life and before starting a new chapter with another Cruise company (Princess Cruises), in 2008 I also got my Master Certificate, was going to be just a matter of time to become a ship’s Captain.

My Last Contract – Mooring Station Aft

I have been on board many vessels, just to nominate a few, Grand Princess – Star Princess – Caribbean Princess – Sea Princess and the sister ship Sun Princess – Diamond Princess and many more, been sailing around the world and gained knowledge along the way. Life on board is not what everyone is already thinking but perhaps I will leave this in another post if anyone is interested to hear.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to move to another country (USA – Seattle) and start a new life with a job on land. This was like a dream came true and me and my wife decided to take this step and be always together.

Although I work on land I still have the Master certification and the last few weeks due to a slow Italian bureaucracy which could not make in time some change established from the IMO (International Maritime Organization) I had to retake an exam which I already took on 2008 and prove once again to have the right knowledge to by a Master.

So, if you been asking where I been and what I been up to, well now you know. I been in the most and long stressful weeks of my life to once again take a certificate that was already mine.

Natural Ways to Tackle Nasty Digestive Problems

Hello guys,

today post is from my cybernetic friend Brad Krause… so enjoy the reading!

Love your guts. They’re the unsung hero of your body, breaking down the food you consume into nutrients before passing them on to the bloodstream to feed all the cells in our body so you can think, move, laugh, and cry. The chain of organs that includes the stomach and intestines may be slimy and gross, but you’re nothing without it.

It’s funny how the guts often go neglected when it comes to discussions of health even though they’re so integral to your well-being. That’s all changing thanks to the discovery of the gut-brain axis, which connects the central nervous system with the digestive system. Suddenly, a rumbling in your tummy is no longer just a matter of minor discomfort — it could be a sign of something that affects your ability to function mentally and physically on a day-to-day basis.

A proper diet, including fruits and vegetables, is essential to digestive health. If you don’t have to time to shop for the right ingredients and cook nutritious dishes, there are grocery and meal delivery systems that do. This may not solve everything, though, so here’s a look at some specific digestive ailments and how you can make them go away naturally.


Diarrhea is nothing more than loose, watery stool that demands to be constantly evacuated, often to eliminate an infection. To bring your digestive system back to normal, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, says a writer at Verywell Health, though that may seem counterintuitive. Also, eat probiotics like yogurt to help with this issue.


This is sort of the opposite of diarrhea, and it happens when waste doesn’t want to exit, with numerous causes from diet to lifestyle choices. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this condition, and they include drinking more water, eating more fiber, and getting more exercise, among a total of 13 presented by a writer with Medical News Today.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is the fancy term for heartburn. There’s no reason to panic if it comes about occasionally, and there are alterations to your lifestyle that keep it to a minimum. According to Healthline, those include maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise, as well as avoiding trigger foods such as citrus fruits and anything fatty.

Peptic Ulcers

These are open sores in the upper digestive tract that lead to intense abdominal pain. Poor diet is often to blame, but so are alcohol, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and stress. Although medical intervention is necessary in severe cases, cutting tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine from your life may get rid of the problem before it reaches that point.


These are agglomerations of cholesterol or bilirubin and calcium salts that cause severe pain when they block the secretion of bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine to aid in the breakdown of fatty foods. Obesity is an important predictor of this condition, which can be at least partially avoided through diet and exercise.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you suffer from regular abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and cramps, irritable bowel syndrome could be the culprit. Often triggered by stress, outbreaks may be averted by saying “no” to certain short-chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed by the small intestine, including fructose, lactose, and fructans.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It’s one term that describes two conditions, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, both of which involve inflammation of parts of the digestive system and share symptoms such as abdominal pain, bleeding, and fatigue. High consumption of animal fat and dairy seem to lead to higher risk of IBD, while fiber is viewed positively.

Celiac Disease

A hereditary autoimmune disorder, celiac disease leads to aggravation in the small intestine when gluten is ingested. The only way to manage the symptoms is by avoiding the consumption of this protein composite, which is found in wheat, rye, and barley.

The ultimate lesson here is something you’ve known all along: Mind what you eat. Also, drink plenty of water and get some exercise to stay at a healthy weight. That’s always been the best recipe for physical health, and a digestive condition doesn’t pose an obstacle to that goal.

Image via Pixabay.

Thanks to Brad for this article….


A Visit To Niagara Falls

It was about time, having a day or two outside of the daily routine… who doesn’t want that from time to time too. This post will not talk about how my Fitness Journey is going or which kind of supplement I take and not even what my latest recipe is but rather sharing with you guys one of the most wonderful place in the world.

I love the nature and sometimes I think I would even love to leave in a forest without anything rather than food, water and fire 🔥 leaving like our old brothers…. What you think would be an amazing experience?

This past days I been visiting Niagara Falls, OMG… I am not going to be here telling you the story because I am sure you can find it anywhere but rather than share some nice pictures of the falls.

Everything was really nice and if you go there one day I definitely suggest to take the boat tour and go to see the falls during the dark ours and be inspired from how they are lighted.

What I been struggle with during my visit was be able to make an healthy food choice and learning from this I will need to look for places to eat before even starting the trip next time or perhaps get some meals delivered to the hotel from one of this meal prep company. It is incredible the amount of junk food available and so poor choice of simple food, overall I decided to enjoy the trip and that’s all.

The good think was that although I haven’t lift during this time I have definitely got in some good amounts of steps in a day and burned some of those calories.

I hope you guys loved this experience sharing and me to come out from the usual fitness post. I would love to hear if you liked what you have seen.


My Fitness Gear

I don’t know you guys but for me having my fitness gear with me every time I am working out is essential, not only to boost the mood but I find myself to have mentally raise of energy as well, so what I bring with me?


Yes, my iPhone need to be always with me! I do all sort of things with it, listen to music, replying the messages and take a selfie for a later upload on my Instagram page.

Also, I like to watch YouTube videos during the cardio time.

Apple Watch


I like to track my work out and make sure to rest just enough between one set and the other, there are millions of Apps out there but I use the native Apple Watch App for me is enough and I have my consumed calories and exercise time all there in one screen.


Haha, by now I guess you guys have understood and got the feeling that I am a so-called Apple guy. What I do with my AirPods, well all that is related to the sound system of my phone.

Takeya Water Bootle


Back in the day, I wrote a post on this and how much is essential the hydration full post is here. Especially when I am at the gym I make sure to be fully hydrated, did you know that if you are not hydrated the level of energy will decrease?  I use to dilute some BCAA in my water too to give a bit of flavor and boost the workout.


I have tried in the past to lift the weight without gloves but for me is not the same and I cannot do it. Not only I feel uncomfortable but also the grip to the weights is different and I don’t like the feeling. So gloves are a MUST

Fitness Journal


I have written already on this, and you can find the full post here but overall having a Fitness Journal will help you to track the progress and make gains.

This is my list and I really would love to listen to what is essential for you to bring along to the gym and why.


Important Self-Care Tips for Men

Good day followers, today’s post is a guest post from Brad Krause. Please enjoy the reading.

Self-care isn’t just for women. Guys have to put a little bit of effort into their minds and bodies, too. Keep reading for a few ways to do just that while still maintaining your manhood.

Clear Clutter from Your Life

Look, we get it. You like your stuff. However, you don’t have to hold on to everything. High school football jerseys, old college textbooks, and even pictures of your ex are all items that do nothing but clutter up your mind – and closet. But if you’re not quite ready to get rid of your 10-year-old golf clubs, at least remove them from your house. Consider renting an inexpensive self-storage unit to help with decluttering.  For example, a 5’x5’ unit in the Seattle rents on average for about $70 a month. That’s a small price to pay to reclaim your space and improve your mental health.

Just Go to Bed Already

That bed you’ve been neglecting in lieu of nodding off on the couch after the game is calling. Sleeping is such a simple act, and it’s one you shouldn’t neglect. In addition to helping you feel rested and mentally alert, the amount of sleep you get each night can significantly impact every system of your body, including your testosterone levels. Men’s Journal reports that sleep deprivation can reduce your testosterone supply by up to 15 percent. This is important on a number of levels because the male sex hormone doesn’t actually exist solely so that you can prove your masculinity. According to Dr. Harrison Wein of the National Institutes of Health, testosterone plays a role in fat distribution, bone mass, and red blood cell production. So how much sleep do you need? Seven to nine hours.

Skip the Gym and Workout at Home

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a home gym equipment. First, it will save you money and time but, more importantly, working out at home affords privacy and will keep you from comparing yourself to everyone else. Exercise is a vital part of your overall health and wellness plan – at least it should be. Working out for at least 30 minutes each day will keep your body strong and your cardiovascular system operating at peak levels. Strength training is also important as it works the muscles and improves flexibility.

Go fishing

Let’s get this out of the way first – you don’t actually have to go fishing. But you do need to find activities that you enjoy that give you an opportunity to break away from the grind and help you relax — and that can even begin in the morning. However, since fishing is a popular pastime, you should know that it does more for you than improve your casting abilities. Fishing lowers stress and lets you commune with nature. Plus, unless you live near a lake or ocean, fishing is a hobby that will allow you to travel, which is also good for your mental health. Other activities that are just as effective include hiking, biking, and golf. If you’ve noticed that all of these hobbies involve being in the outdoors, there’s a reason for that. Studies have shown that spending time outdoors is good for you. But don’t take our word for it, even Harvard Medical School recommends getting outside.

Don’t Be a “Yes Man”

What is a “yes man”? Glad you asked. This is simply an individual who can’t say no for fear of looking weak or letting someone else down. However, the constant pressure to perform can result in you feeling physically weak and mentally exhausted. Irish Times explains that there are plenty of ways to say “no” without letting feelings of guilt weigh you down. Start by clarifying your priorities to yourself. Then, when someone comes calling for help, you can gently let them know that you have other obligations. Learning to say “no” can also help you relax after a long day at work, which will help refresh you for the next day.

No one will think any less of you if you prioritize your own health and well-being. Every bit that you invest in you will make you a more effective husband, father, employee, and friend.

Image via Pixabay



Summer Time Enjoyment

If is summer where ever you are you probably are like me try to enjoy this sunny days as much as you can before the winter is here again.


Yesterday, I was feeling so delight from the previous ride in my bike that I decided instead to remain home to go out and explore. It is surprisingly how many places you can see and how far you can get with a bike, places that you didn’t know were even existing and still remaining in your fitness goals.

Have a lovely weekend all of you…


Let’s Come Back Strong

WoW, it has been really a while from my last post and I have just realized today how fast the time has been passing by without leaving my words.

So let’s start with saying that my working schedule lately has been a no stop between night and day shift of 12 hours I barely had time to focus on meal prep and knee rehab.

Having spent much time lately in the gym either, again working schedule and various other things have taken the priority but definitely, I am planning to go back on track soon rather than later.

After today night shift and a few hours of sleep, I will have my third “Bridge” session for my knee rehab. Need to say that although I am not yet at the 100%, I am slowly getting better and see results, I guess that all of this has brought me down as well in the last few months resulting in lack of motivation.

The good thing has been that although I haven’t followed my workout schedule as such, I have mostly kept up with the healthy and clean eating and this has helped a lot not only to don’t gain much fat but to don’t lose my gains either.

So let’s come back strong…


Silverio Styling A Bonsai Tree

I know this weekend I have been out from the usual week fitness post but I have been doing something I was not doing from such a long time…. enjoy some time off with my wife and dusting off one of my oldest passion…. styling a Bonsai Tree.

Buying a Bonsai Tree already styled and in a good shape can be expensive and I believe many of you know what I am talking about but honestly where is the fun I do like to make things myself and so Friday I went to The Home Depot nursery section to see if I could find a tree to style in Bonsai.

The search went one for almost an hour and I came back home with this Dwarf Alberta Spruce…


The first thing I did is study the tree and see the potentiality than I start to clean the tree to keep looking what I could have achieved…. here is after the initial cleaning…


At this stage, I had a more clear vision of what I would have done and accomplish and so my final piece of art ….


I have shaped and repotted the tree this is the front, of course, this is just the beginning and more works need to be done but for this year that’s all see you to the next spring before I will touch it again for now just water and fertilize to set a strong base for 2019.

Today, as a motivational Monday back to my workout routine and working on my knee rehabs.


Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you like to keep up to date…




Jacked Pack Subscription Box Review March 2018

I know I am late on this and is almost time for the next package to arrive, but here I am with another review of the Jacked Pack Subscription Box.

  • 360 Pre Workout Activator, gives you a good energy and seems like to have a great taste, I have received the same product also the previous month and I have to say that I would have liked to receive something different this time. After I have been using it a couple of times I can also say that is not one of my favorite but does his job.
  • REGENETOR is a complete rebuilding system formulated with compounds intended to help modulate the temporary pain and inflammation that result from heavy-duty training. The product is a stimulant-free formula suitable for use any time day or night, during and after workouts to kick-start muscle recovery, between meals to keep nitrogen levels topped-off, and/or before going to bed to help combat catabolism while you sleep.
  • CrampsAWAY claims to stop your cramps within a minute and if taken before the exercise will prevent them to, I am not suffering on cramps but if some one out there is I guess why not to try it.

  • Thermo Detonator is a fat-loss product the product claim to preserve maximum lean muscle which is not bad if this happen to be true. Review onlie are majority of 5 star is I guess is worth the try.

  • My Pro JYM protein powder is made from the highest-quality sources of protein and each scoop of Pro JYM delivers 24 grams of pure-quality protein. The blend itself is not bad I love the fact that each scoop gives you a mix of different kind of protein such as Whey, Casein, Milk and Egg White however I really don’t like the taste of this protein in this flavor ROOT BEER FLOAT and since I had received already an example in my first box I would have loved to get a different flavor for this.

  • The Detour Smart bar is a quality source of fiber and whey protein. It got the apple cinnamon flavor and I can’t white to give it a bite. This is a healthy alternative to regular sugary snacks.

In conclusion I am bit disappointed with this month selection since there are a list of supplement that I had already received in the previous months.

I hope you guys enjoyed this review, as usual, leave a comment below if you feel like and thanks for reading and support this blog.

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img_3611 – My Experience And How I Ended Up There

Since I have started my YouTube Channel, I haven’t made much more than two videos. My idea was to run the channel for a bit of time with my phone but soon I realized that was not really the best decision I had ever made.

The first problem that I encounter was the battery duration in fact my second video which was a Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk saw my iPhone constantly in recharge mode after every single shooting, not really a great spot to be.

Soon after I face the memory problem and shooting duration, in fact it appear that the iPhone doesn’t record more that certain time frame and the memory went down very soon too, although that is an easy fix with just deleting the previous shooting was just annoying.

Before I started the channel I had purchased an external Microphone, the RODE MIC with in mind a future upgrade on a camera. I wanted something not really big, that would support the RODE MIC or any external microphone really and that I could have used for video shooting and photography on the go.

Canon EOS M3

My choice went and is on the CANON EOS M3 so I started to research the camera, saw some reviews and visited a couple of camera shopping for soon discover that the camera was old enough to don’t be found easily but in the same time not old enough to find an used or refurbished product easily either.

The objective has been always try to keep low the expenses and searching on Amazon the best price I had found for an used camera was 320$ + approximately 40$ of shipping fee from a private seller which although I wrote to him to inquiry on the status of the camera never replied back probably due to the fact that he had already sold it.

For a new product we are at 550$ ish and this took me on hold for a bit, I been really try to narrow down the price below the 500$

For some of my shopping I use EBATES, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with that but basically they give you cash back on purchases from various website, in a month I have gained 22$ on cash back and although is not much are still 22$ that I was not having before.

Without further to go an Ad came up while I was surfing EBATES on my phone and the camera of my dreams was there at 439$ claimed to be brand new and with 1 year warranty.


I don’t usually rush on purchases as you can see I been holding on this since weeks already but that night I just went further and pressed that purchase button logged in my PayPal account and payed.

I don’t know you guys but before I never received an email after I purchase a product saying that you need to call to go further with the order, this was already smelling as a SCAM. It was late that night and the day later I would have gone to work so I promise myself to investigate further the day later.

When I searched for review on this website I immediately realized that I did a mistake there were literally tons of bad review online, from costumer service not answering calls and emails, to the up selling that they try to do when you make the famous call to the product itself to be not as original as they declare.

I was so happy that I had payed with PayPal so I called them immediately and when they tried to call the Fumfie website of course they didn’t reply so PayPal sent them an email to cancel my order. Only today, after 48 hours from my order I manage to speak with some one at Fumfie, cancelled my order and receive the email confirmation of my cancellation.

this is my experience on speaking with them:

  • The costumer agent at Fumfie tried to sell me a different product than the one I originally purchased and in the beginning tried to don’t understand when I ask to cancel my order.
  • Although the cancellation was quite easy from my expectation anyway and from what I had read on the web,  I am glad I involved PayPal from the start, I guess Fumfie had seen their email too before getting me on phone and not try to fight much on this cancellation.
  • Since I was ready to get this further in case something had gone wrong or I had not received the cancellation email as claimed on same review, I had recorded the conversation to have a proof on my hand.

I want to share my story with you all guys so you are aware to stay away from this website. My take point on this is make research on new website as I always do but failed this time and not rush on purchases.

Happy Shopping!

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Get Motivated With Sweatcoins

Hello lovely readers,

Today I want to present you all a new discovery that I have just made, it is an App that I am using from a couple of days, but I am already in love with it.

Have you ever heard of Sweatcoin?

I am sure you all have heard about Bitcoins at least once in your life, well, Sweatcoins are of a similar concept so-called cryptocurrency, but what the App does?

The App simply counts your steps using the GPS of your Android or Apple device and convert the steps in Sweatcoin. So, if you are an outside runner 🏃🏻‍♀️or you walk every day perhaps to reach your working place then why don’t download the App since is for free and gain some Sweatcoin? In 3 days I got already 10 Sweatcoin not bad considering that I am in my off season and I am not doing that much run lately but once I will start to cut again and the summer will be here I will take the chance to go outside and include this as one more motivation.

Now I am sure you are asking what is the purpose and what you can do after you have got your Sweat 😓 in Coin, you can purchase goods from the App like Amazon or PayPal gift cards and even a brand new iPhone X. There are weeks specials too.

If you are interested to download the App on your iOS device 👉 Click Here in this way If you don’t mind, I will receive 5 Sweatcoin.

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