Back To The Origin

In the last three weeks my fitness goal have taken a step back. I have been visiting my family in Italy and my mum decided to became a chef for this period!

I must say that she accomplished the task very well, she also almost prepared all the traditional food for every season and that was good too, is always good to go back to the origin.

I don’t regret the food I been eating during this time, I loved the time I spent with them and I don’t even regret the few pounds I have gained during this weeks even because I know I will take not long to come back to my previous weight and perhaps this time off from dieting will help the overall process too.

Three weeks have passed by, I am happy to come back to my routine, to my wife and my hobbies but there is that sad part to leave my parents behind. I really should set objectives, perhaps come to visit them at least once every year but sometimes life, project and set goals take priory and is not always possible, will see how this goes!

I have many things in my mind, many project I would like to accomplish and much more, sometimes I realize that for all I want to do I will need a day of 72 hours and not 24 so I need to reflect and think well before taking any decision.

For now I will enjoy the last few days and talk to you all soon!