My Maritime Life Story

Many of you have asked where I been lately or perhaps not!

I have never really wrote about my life before, you all know that my name is Silverio and that I am in my fitness journey but who am I?

Like everyone else in the world, there is a part in the life where you have to choose which school you have to frequent and that will open the door to the job world. In that time I pick the Nautical School, and after 5 years I took my diploma aspiring long-term captain.

I join my first vessel in November 2001 that was the MSC Rhapsody and since than I been away from family and friend for most part of the year (8/9 months sometimes even more) for only return home for a short time to get the training and certification required to advance in carrer.

MSC Rhapsody

I have been with MSC Cruises for a long time and for a great 7 years of my life and before starting a new chapter with another Cruise company (Princess Cruises), in 2008 I also got my Master Certificate, was going to be just a matter of time to become a ship’s Captain.

My Last Contract – Mooring Station Aft

I have been on board many vessels, just to nominate a few, Grand Princess – Star Princess – Caribbean Princess – Sea Princess and the sister ship Sun Princess – Diamond Princess and many more, been sailing around the world and gained knowledge along the way. Life on board is not what everyone is already thinking but perhaps I will leave this in another post if anyone is interested to hear.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to move to another country (USA – Seattle) and start a new life with a job on land. This was like a dream came true and me and my wife decided to take this step and be always together.

Although I work on land I still have the Master certification and the last few weeks due to a slow Italian bureaucracy which could not make in time some change established from the IMO (International Maritime Organization) I had to retake an exam which I already took on 2008 and prove once again to have the right knowledge to by a Master.

So, if you been asking where I been and what I been up to, well now you know. I been in the most and long stressful weeks of my life to once again take a certificate that was already mine.

Natural Ways to Tackle Nasty Digestive Problems

Hello guys,

today post is from my cybernetic friend Brad Krause… so enjoy the reading!

Love your guts. They’re the unsung hero of your body, breaking down the food you consume into nutrients before passing them on to the bloodstream to feed all the cells in our body so you can think, move, laugh, and cry. The chain of organs that includes the stomach and intestines may be slimy and gross, but you’re nothing without it.

It’s funny how the guts often go neglected when it comes to discussions of health even though they’re so integral to your well-being. That’s all changing thanks to the discovery of the gut-brain axis, which connects the central nervous system with the digestive system. Suddenly, a rumbling in your tummy is no longer just a matter of minor discomfort — it could be a sign of something that affects your ability to function mentally and physically on a day-to-day basis.

A proper diet, including fruits and vegetables, is essential to digestive health. If you don’t have to time to shop for the right ingredients and cook nutritious dishes, there are grocery and meal delivery systems that do. This may not solve everything, though, so here’s a look at some specific digestive ailments and how you can make them go away naturally.


Diarrhea is nothing more than loose, watery stool that demands to be constantly evacuated, often to eliminate an infection. To bring your digestive system back to normal, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, says a writer at Verywell Health, though that may seem counterintuitive. Also, eat probiotics like yogurt to help with this issue.


This is sort of the opposite of diarrhea, and it happens when waste doesn’t want to exit, with numerous causes from diet to lifestyle choices. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this condition, and they include drinking more water, eating more fiber, and getting more exercise, among a total of 13 presented by a writer with Medical News Today.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is the fancy term for heartburn. There’s no reason to panic if it comes about occasionally, and there are alterations to your lifestyle that keep it to a minimum. According to Healthline, those include maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise, as well as avoiding trigger foods such as citrus fruits and anything fatty.

Peptic Ulcers

These are open sores in the upper digestive tract that lead to intense abdominal pain. Poor diet is often to blame, but so are alcohol, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and stress. Although medical intervention is necessary in severe cases, cutting tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine from your life may get rid of the problem before it reaches that point.


These are agglomerations of cholesterol or bilirubin and calcium salts that cause severe pain when they block the secretion of bile from the gallbladder to the small intestine to aid in the breakdown of fatty foods. Obesity is an important predictor of this condition, which can be at least partially avoided through diet and exercise.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If you suffer from regular abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and cramps, irritable bowel syndrome could be the culprit. Often triggered by stress, outbreaks may be averted by saying “no” to certain short-chain carbohydrates that are poorly absorbed by the small intestine, including fructose, lactose, and fructans.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

It’s one term that describes two conditions, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, both of which involve inflammation of parts of the digestive system and share symptoms such as abdominal pain, bleeding, and fatigue. High consumption of animal fat and dairy seem to lead to higher risk of IBD, while fiber is viewed positively.

Celiac Disease

A hereditary autoimmune disorder, celiac disease leads to aggravation in the small intestine when gluten is ingested. The only way to manage the symptoms is by avoiding the consumption of this protein composite, which is found in wheat, rye, and barley.

The ultimate lesson here is something you’ve known all along: Mind what you eat. Also, drink plenty of water and get some exercise to stay at a healthy weight. That’s always been the best recipe for physical health, and a digestive condition doesn’t pose an obstacle to that goal.

Image via Pixabay.

Thanks to Brad for this article….


A Visit To Niagara Falls

It was about time, having a day or two outside of the daily routine… who doesn’t want that from time to time too. This post will not talk about how my Fitness Journey is going or which kind of supplement I take and not even what my latest recipe is but rather sharing with you guys one of the most wonderful place in the world.

I love the nature and sometimes I think I would even love to leave in a forest without anything rather than food, water and fire 🔥 leaving like our old brothers…. What you think would be an amazing experience?

This past days I been visiting Niagara Falls, OMG… I am not going to be here telling you the story because I am sure you can find it anywhere but rather than share some nice pictures of the falls.

Everything was really nice and if you go there one day I definitely suggest to take the boat tour and go to see the falls during the dark ours and be inspired from how they are lighted.

What I been struggle with during my visit was be able to make an healthy food choice and learning from this I will need to look for places to eat before even starting the trip next time or perhaps get some meals delivered to the hotel from one of this meal prep company. It is incredible the amount of junk food available and so poor choice of simple food, overall I decided to enjoy the trip and that’s all.

The good think was that although I haven’t lift during this time I have definitely got in some good amounts of steps in a day and burned some of those calories.

I hope you guys loved this experience sharing and me to come out from the usual fitness post. I would love to hear if you liked what you have seen.