Let’s Come Back Strong

WoW, it has been really a while from my last post and I have just realized today how fast the time has been passing by without leaving my words.

So let’s start with saying that my working schedule lately has been a no stop between night and day shift of 12 hours I barely had time to focus on meal prep and knee rehab.

Having spent much time lately in the gym either, again working schedule and various other things have taken the priority but definitely, I am planning to go back on track soon rather than later.

After today night shift and a few hours of sleep, I will have my third “Bridge” session for my knee rehab. Need to say that although I am not yet at the 100%, I am slowly getting better and see results, I guess that all of this has brought me down as well in the last few months resulting in lack of motivation.

The good thing has been that although I haven’t followed my workout schedule as such, I have mostly kept up with the healthy and clean eating and this has helped a lot not only to don’t gain much fat but to don’t lose my gains either.

So let’s come back strong…


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