Fumfie.com – My Experience And How I Ended Up There

Since I have started my YouTube Channel, I haven’t made much more than two videos. My idea was to run the channel for a bit of time with my phone but soon I realized that was not really the best decision I had ever made.

The first problem that I encounter was the battery duration in fact my second video which was a Full Day Of Eating On A Bulk saw my iPhone constantly in recharge mode after every single shooting, not really a great spot to be.

Soon after I face the memory problem and shooting duration, in fact it appear that the iPhone doesn’t record more that certain time frame and the memory went down very soon too, although that is an easy fix with just deleting the previous shooting was just annoying.

Before I started the channel I had purchased an external Microphone, the RODE MIC with in mind a future upgrade on a camera. I wanted something not really big, that would support the RODE MIC or any external microphone really and that I could have used for video shooting and photography on the go.

Canon EOS M3

My choice went and is on the CANON EOS M3 so I started to research the camera, saw some reviews and visited a couple of camera shopping for soon discover that the camera was old enough to don’t be found easily but in the same time not old enough to find an used or refurbished product easily either.

The objective has been always try to keep low the expenses and searching on Amazon the best price I had found for an used camera was 320$ + approximately 40$ of shipping fee from a private seller which although I wrote to him to inquiry on the status of the camera never replied back probably due to the fact that he had already sold it.

For a new product we are at 550$ ish and this took me on hold for a bit, I been really try to narrow down the price below the 500$

For some of my shopping I use EBATES, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with that but basically they give you cash back on purchases from various website, in a month I have gained 22$ on cash back and although is not much are still 22$ that I was not having before.

Without further to go an Ad came up while I was surfing EBATES on my phone and the camera of my dreams was there at 439$ claimed to be brand new and with 1 year warranty.


I don’t usually rush on purchases as you can see I been holding on this since weeks already but that night I just went further and pressed that purchase button logged in my PayPal account and payed.

I don’t know you guys but before I never received an email after I purchase a product saying that you need to call to go further with the order, this was already smelling as a SCAM. It was late that night and the day later I would have gone to work so I promise myself to investigate further the day later.

When I searched for review on this website I immediately realized that I did a mistake there were literally tons of bad review online, from costumer service not answering calls and emails, to the up selling that they try to do when you make the famous call to the product itself to be not as original as they declare.

I was so happy that I had payed with PayPal so I called them immediately and when they tried to call the Fumfie website of course they didn’t reply so PayPal sent them an email to cancel my order. Only today, after 48 hours from my order I manage to speak with some one at Fumfie, cancelled my order and receive the email confirmation of my cancellation.

this is my experience on speaking with them:

  • The costumer agent at Fumfie tried to sell me a different product than the one I originally purchased and in the beginning tried to don’t understand when I ask to cancel my order.
  • Although the cancellation was quite easy from my expectation anyway and from what I had read on the web,  I am glad I involved PayPal from the start, I guess Fumfie had seen their email too before getting me on phone and not try to fight much on this cancellation.
  • Since I was ready to get this further in case something had gone wrong or I had not received the cancellation email as claimed on same review, I had recorded the conversation to have a proof on my hand.

I want to share my story with you all guys so you are aware to stay away from this website. My take point on this is make research on new website as I always do but failed this time and not rush on purchases.

Happy Shopping!

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2 thoughts on “Fumfie.com – My Experience And How I Ended Up There”

  1. It seems so tempting to start a youtube channel. Many people make loads of money with it too!
    But then you realize you have to buy all these accessories.
    Online shopping is a dangerous thing for me! I rush into “good deals” way too fast!


    1. That’s why I started the channel with my phone but unfortunately didn’t work as expected, yes people makes a lot of money but takes time and you need to get followers. Online shopping is safe but yet you need to be careful, PayPal for me is a warranty. Thanks for the comment and for reading.


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