Project Genius of A Schizophrenic

Hi guys,

Today post is not one of my usual fitness posts but instead I guess I am just sharing or hosting a blog post for some one else. This is an entirely new situation for me but I am always happy to help people out there specially if it is for a good cause. Few days ago I been approached by the author of this book on Instagram and asked to be featured, so I thought why not? Please be aware that I am in no way affiliated with the author but just a messenger.

Project G

I’m a musician, singer, and songwriter. I currently reside in Austin, Tx. Not that long ago, I walked away from a recording contract with Oscar and Grammy Award Winner, Pharrell Williams, in order to secure my mental faculties after being diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression. I’ve recently written a book about my triumph over the diagnosis. Sprinkled throughout the book are my experiences navigating the music industry and how the diagnosis affected that.

This book is packed with genius insights, as how to produce proper thinking in a vast array of real life scenarios. This book is for entrepreneurs, Millennials, creatives, artists, musicians, the abused in any way, and of course those dealing with mental health disparities.

I’m in need of funds for proper launching and marketing of this unique, exciting, and transformational book.

-Please help support me in my efforts to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention through the publication of this book. Anyone who donates any amount whatsoever will receive a copyrited original manuscript of the book.

Grace be with you my friends,

Peace & Love

Follow @Jermaine_Tolbert for more info on how you can support

Here you can donate —-> Link


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