New Domain // Why and Which One Is?


Some of you may have realized that something has changed in the header and the website address.

I was talking with an extremely helpful blogger today that open my mind and was completely right about it.
When I first started my blog, the intention was for me to write articles for men and my wife articles for the women, that was the reason behind the name Health & Beauty 4 All!
After almost a year from the start, she never made any article and I think she will never do, the blog, in reality, has always been my thing, my idea.
That’s why today I am here to present Men’s Health & Lifestyle which I think is much more appropriate, my new domain is up and running already and you can find me at https:\\

I would love to hear all your comments. Have I made the right move? What you all think? I still need to work on minor adjustments but I hope to have made the correct choice.



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On my fitness journey, inspiring people to change their lifestyle too.

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