My First Ever Subscription Box

I have never been really fan of subscription boxes before and I still need to decide if I will be in the future but I wanted to give it a try. Honestly, I didn’t even know that there were all of the sort of boxes around especially when comes to men. The only subscription box I was getting is the GNC Pro Box twice a year and I don’t think either it would classify as subscription box since is not a monthly thing.

Today I am here to present my first ever monthly subscription box, the JackedPack and if after this review you want to know more or you are interested you can simply Click Here!

As a Fitness enthusiast, I figure out that this box would have been a good investment and since I am a new customer, my monthly subscription has been just less than 60$ for 6 months period after this time I will decide if I will be willing to continue or try something different.
I am very excited to open the box for the first time especially because I don’t know what to expect, I have read all the sort of review online and the general public seems to be happy. So I would say let’s go to open it together, shall we?

My first impression is that there is a lot more than I was expecting and this makes me extremely happy 😃since it is my first month the company has sent few extra gift as a welcome so thanks to them.


But what is inside?

Overall I got in total 23 items and here is the breakdown:

  • 1 Protein Shake with Storage
  • 1 MyMix2go
  • 5 Protein Powder
  • 1 Protein Bar
  • 1 Protein Cookie 🍪
  • 5 Pre-Workout
  • 3 Thermogenic
  • 1 Energy Drink
  • 2 BCAA
  • 2 Tea Bag ☕️
  • 1 Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Patch

Honestly is a quite nice list also considering the fact that some of the items have more than 1 serving, in fact, the BCAA from BPI Sport comes with 24 serving (WoW that’s really amazing 😉) never the less in the box there are also few coupons and promotions for some specific items.

I am already looking forward to open the next box! And share my joy with that one as well and the sample selections, so stay tuned for the next review.

Have you guys never had a fitness subscription box? Which one you have tried and recommend? This is not only my first subscription box but also my first review, would you like to know something more and what? As always let me know in the comment.


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4 thoughts on “My First Ever Subscription Box”

  1. What was the total price? It seems to me like they just gave you samples and made you pay for them. When I think a subscription box, I’m thinking what I need for a month. Not sample packets. Were you let down?

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    1. Hi Todd the total price for 6 months is just less than 60$ which is less than 10$ a month. I kind of agree with you when you say I payed the samples however there are not shipping fees. I got 23 items in total I guess is not bad considering also that every month you can try something different before may be purchase a full product. Thanks for reading.

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