It’s GRIT Time

Finally, February is here and my gym officially has open the dance to the Les Mills GRIT, if you don’t know what it is then feel free to head to my previous post.

I am really exited for this start and I am looking forward to my first class during the weekend… I will keep you all posted on how it went but I am expecting to be without energy in the end of that day 😉 .


This week has been pretty busy but I am not complaining since I have made a lot of changes all around and tried new things, when I will get all fixed I will show you all, but just to give a heads up I have purchased a new laptop after 10 years of survival of my previous one and a new desk to give some light in my house.


I felt I wanted a new start, something fresh in my life and to start this February positively!

Have you made any change for February? What is your plan? Please let me know in the comment



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