Takeya Water Bottle, My New Fitness Buddy

Drinking water is a very important aspect of our life and much more when we exercise. Getting the proper hydration before, during and after the workout not only makes you more energetic but also will ensure that the post-workout recovery is on point, faster and successful.

Having a daily water goal is a great way to start but much more is to have a method to track how much water you been drinking during the day and how much more you have to drink before the day end.

My daily water goal is 1 gallon and although is not always easy to reach it I try hard, I like to use BCAA in my water so I can flavor it in this way is easier to stick to my goal, I don’t know about you but having bland water sometimes is not really a good to go choice for me. Since the beginning I told that an easy way to do this was to use one of this one gallon jugs in the grocery stores, I would refill it in the evening and get ready to go for the next morning but I always wanted something smaller, something that could be easily stored in my backpack when heading to the gym, that would weight less and finally that would still help me to reach my daily goal.

While shopping around these days I run across the Takeya Thermoflask 40oz Water Bottle and I immediately loved the idea to get one, so I looked in Amazon and since the price was even less than the one in the store I immediately added it to my cart. I like to have my water cold and this bottle would help my water to remain cold during the day too.

I have been using it for the last few weeks and I am very happy with this purchase, and you what are you using as your water bottle buddy? What is your daily water intake? Did you flavor your water too? Let me know in the comment. 


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