Cut or Bulk, My Next Move

During the last few weeks, I have been thinking about what to do next. I have been on a cutting diet since May 2017, lost 17 kilos but have still more fat to lose. December was disappointing, I had flu a couple of times, week after the other and although I  followed my meal plan, I couldn’t exercise the way I should and I wanted.


I tend always to remain positive and look more ahead, searching during my reflections more the positive why rather than the negative ones, sometimes more than I should :-). The festivity break didn’t help neither, so I decide to surf the moment and take a break, Yeah, Ok, I had my cardio in Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and even on the New Year day but really was nothing compare the myriad of food and alcohol consumed during this days.


2018 is finally here, I am back on track with my cutting diet and workout plan but what is my next move? In two weeks I will commence my Clean Bulk program, my first and ever bulk, I know now what you are thinking “But Silverio, you have bulked for your entire life how can you say your first Bulk?” Beleive me this one is going to be a totally different one, there will be no junk food and the goal is to increase lean muscle and try to keep the fat increase to a minimum and reset my methabolism, in the end try to get my Body Fat Percentage (BFP) keep reducing.

Girl practicing yoga in the New Year 2018.

I will assess my progress after 4 weeks then decide if move back on the cutting side or keep going for another 4 weeks. I will keep you guys posted!

What you guys think of this game plan? Would you have a different thought or suggestion? Let me know in the comment!

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