I haven’t give up

It is a very long time that I don’t write a post, but I don’t want you to think that I have given up on my fitness journey, in fact, I haven’t at all and I am actually in a perfect spot right now.

There are many reasons why I haven’t written anything, but I guess all come down to don’t have many followers or even worst not getting many comments on my posts.

If you have seen where I started my journey, you would know by now that I weighed more than 80kg and today I am happy to announce that I reach a new low of 63kg.

Keeping forward with my journey I want to enjoy this upcoming Christmas with family and friends, so I am not planning to follow a strict meal plan there will be an entire 2018 to do that but I want to keep losing fat before commencing a clean bulk.

Fitness is a whole changing lifestyle but once you have adjusted to that is entirely worth it, so what are you waiting for

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On my fitness journey, inspiring people to change their lifestyle too.

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