What Time I Workout 

At the very beginning of my fitness journey didn’t know what time was the best for me to workout. Of course, my best time could be not your best but I have a good reason why I love to workout in specific hours and those are lunch time until not later than 3 pm.

My workout doesn’t go over the 45/50 minutes and to be able to do that I rest between the set not more than 60sec, unfortunately, this is not happening for the majority of those guys that between a set and the other are distracted by their smartphone making that minute rest for them to become 5 minutes.

This is not only making their workout useless but also slowing down the others without realizing it.

Of course, my time can be difficult to follow for the majority of those having a daily job the good news is that I have found a spot at 5 pm that works as well.

And you what time you like to workout, leave me a comment below.

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On my fitness journey, inspiring people to change their lifestyle too.

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