My Fitness Journey, so far

It feels like yesterday when I commenced my fitness journey, the funny thing about it is that everything commenced in unexpected circumstances.

One day my wife found in the mail box one of that publicity card for a gym close to my apartment and we both though why we don’t go to have a look? A few days later we did and after a long chit chat, we decide to subscribe. In reality, that day all happen as a surprise, yes we decide to go to have a look at it but the intention was to visit few more fitness centers before taking a final decision.

Today, with 24,2 pound less I am very happy that on that day I started my fitness Journey and not only because I have lost all this unwanted fat but also because unexpectantly I got sponsored by one of the supplement company (Yellowstone Nutra), this is also is giving to me all the motivation to get along those dark days when you feel like are not making progress.

So, what I want to say to all of you thinking to start your fitness journey or are already in it but kind of losing motivation, don’t let this happen to keep it up cause the reward is much more than what you have ever expected.

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On my fitness journey, inspiring people to change their lifestyle too.

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