A wonderful sunny day.

Had really an amazing day today with my wonderful wife.

When we woke up and we looked out of the window, there was a beautiful sunny day. I have been missing so much these days that we decide to go out for shopping and spend the day outside enjoying the sun, the light, and the fresh air that this spring is gifting us.

I know most of you now are thinking, Hey wait a minute what about your Sunday Workout?

I must admit that today I been guilty not only to jump my Sunday workout but also had a lunch outside and my choice went on  Turkey sandwich with chips.

I did want kind of get out from the routine and to be honest, somehow celebrate my new weight. I have been lost so far 2.6 Kg or 5.7 Lb I guess is not bad.

I wish to you all a wonderful Sunday as well.



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On my fitness journey, inspiring people to change their lifestyle too.

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